• Power Electronics

    This segment addresses topics exclusive to power electronics, such as power consumption, quality, interfacing, and design issues. MATLAB is used throughout the text as a tool for attractive the understanding of converter procedure modes by simplifying the essential mathematical calculations. The text is expected for the undergraduate courses in engineering programs. It will be more than the level of the courses in the technology programs. Recognizing the current demands of the workplace, this applications-oriented introduction offers an easy-to-understand justification of the ethics of power electronics, with inclusive coverage on the switching, control, and conversion of electrical control using semiconductor devices. Reflecting the growing demand for well-organized conversion and organize of electrical power, it considers the newest power devices, circuits, and control schemes that maintain to extend power electronics technology to new applications areas.

  • The power electronics course content is designed by expert professionals to gain knowledge about real time power electronics products.

    Work Plan:

    Two hours class per day (10.00 am to 12.00 pm)
    Minimum 1 hrs practical session everyday
    Basic of matlab/simulink
    Basic of power electronics,power system
    Model hardware design of power electronics and power system
    PIC, ARM-controllers-100% Practical
    Embedded C Programming in PIC & ARM.