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IIS Technologies is a manufacturing in high-quality PCB Design and turnkey electronic engineering contribution the very best service at reasonable prices. We are considered as one of the top PCB design and turnkey electronic engineering service companies. Our specialities consist of RF circuit and PCB design, digital circuit design including DSP, and FPGA as well as low-level analogue design. We offer competitive rates, quick turnaround times and an individual commitment to meet your design needs. R&D Services providing a broad spectrum of services such as Technology Research, New Product Development, Product victuals, and Manufacturing to a number of industry verticals such as Metering, Automotive, Telecom Networks, Industrial Systems, Consumer Electronics, Security, and Observation.

IIS has a great team of design engineers, systems engineering experts and support engineers, who assist offer customers with a broad package of end-to-end services ranging from front-end consulting and setting up to developing, integrating and managing turnkey technology solutions. The design of chips and systems with such difficulty – while meeting demands for performance, short power, and time to promote is possible only with advanced electronic design automation (EDA) tools. EDA software and hardware enables the lot from the design of individual transistors to the development of software earlier than any hardware is built. Another critical enabling factor is semiconductor academic property (IP), which provides pre-verified building blocks for memory controllers, interface protocols, or specialized processors that are included into SoCs. We were founded on honesty and integrity, but have mature due to a desire to build strong client relationships, always providing an individual touch, a defined presence by not only our staff but ongoing clients who have used us over the past decade.